Let's go deeper - Continuing Education

for teachers & adventurous students

Decadent Wellness is expanding to help grow your own teaching & practice. Emrys offers private mentoring & events for students & yoga teachers interested in Continuing Education Credit through Yoga Alliance

July Continuing Education Series

School's not out for summer! Embrace the strong energy of the sun; join me this July for the return of our Decadent Wellness Continuing Education Series. Intended for curious students and yoga teachers (continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance are available), any & all are welcome to come explore!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 6:30-8:30 pm: Hands & Wrists
From writing to typing, downward dog to handstand, your hands and wrists allow you to do everything you love. (Of course, you may not think of this until they’re not working optimally…). Learn how to give your hands the love they deserve.

Wednesday, July 10th, 6:30-8:30 pm: Feet & Ankles
The bones of your feet make up about a quarter of the bones in your body. How often do they get the attention & care they crave?  Delicate & Strong, our feet give us the foundation for a healthy, active life (& strong yoga practice). Explore the starting places that allow you to stand, walk, dance, skip, & flow.

Wednesday, July 17th, 6:30-8:30 pm: Knees
Weak in the knees? We’ll stabilize, strengthen, and mobilize. The last workshop in this series focuses on a larger, different type of joint: keep your knees safe, happy & supportive for the rest of your body.


Red Barn Yoga

52 Blood St, Lyme CT


Series: $95 ($115 with 6 CEs)

Single Class: $40 ($50 with 2 CEs)


Sign Up at http://www.redbarnyoga.com/

Turns out Summer Classes are the Best Classes…!






Customized Mentoring

Our yoga mentoring is completely customized to each mentee. Create a program for your next places of growth by discussing your goals and interests with Emrys.  Expand your practice and teaching in these special individual sessions or join us for one of our group workshops.

Contact Emrys for details!