Summer Intensive Workshops

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm. June 21st - July 12th.

Luxuriate in a longer format with focused theory & practice. Continuing education credits are available (2 for each class).

4 Opportunities to Deepen Your Practice:

Hips, June 21st: So many directions to go in! Start with lubrication of the joint & then move bigger with the new freedom we’ve created.

Shoulders, June 28th: Savor the space formerly occupied by stress! We’re removing stuck stuff to get to more open (& stable) practice.

Spinal Freedom, July 5th: Integrating lower, middle, and upper areas for smooth strength & energy through your central channel.

Meditation, July 12th: Multiple styles to support your Centered Self with “yoga-on-the-go”. For diverse situations (not just seated).


YIN and Sound Healing

Second Sunday of Each Month: Tickets Now Available for July 9th, The Sound Retreat, Chester, CT, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm

I’m thrilled to announce this very special event bringing together several of my favorite things. Please join us for deep healing and revitalization through YIN yoga and sound healing. This is the location we’ve been waiting for for this combo!

$30 Suggested Donation -- Only 15 Spaces Available. Register here.




$120 ($160 with 8 CEUs)

Individual Classes:

$35 each ($45 with 2 CEUs)



Allow the soothing sounds of crystal bowls, chimes and bells to wash away stress and gently guide you into a deep meditative state for full body/mind relaxation, subtle healing and keen insight as we explore a gentle physical practice including YIN poses. If you’re not already familiar, this is a slow, deliberate, and meditatively focused style, which studies show minimizes and prevents arthritic symptoms. Experience the additional fluidity created by the release of the hyaluronic acid the poses trigger through careful compression. Students also often find a general sense of internal space and freedom throughout the body and mind (as well as emotionally) after practice. You may also experience deeper, more restorative sleep following practice. This event is appropriate for students of all levels, including beginners and those with injuries. Allow yourself to be profoundly quiet and present. Savor the recharging benefits of both the yoga and the healing sounds in this nourishing location.

The Sound Retreat is an idyllic natural setting for sinking into your inner world. Our private retreat location is immersed in the high vibrational field of energy created by the encircling expansive state forest and its creatures, pristine nearby lakes and open sky providing a safe, serene space where only the sounds of the Earth support your journey.