Summer Intensive Workshops

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm. June 21st - July 12th.

Luxuriate in a longer format with focused theory & practice. Continuing education credits are available (2 for each class).

4 Opportunities to Deepen Your Practice:

Hips, June 21st: So many directions to go in! Start with lubrication of the joint & then move bigger with the new freedom we’ve created.

Shoulders, June 28th: Savor the space formerly occupied by stress! We’re removing stuck stuff to get to more open (& stable) practice.

Spinal Freedom, July 5th: Integrating lower, middle, and upper areas for smooth strength & energy through your central channel.

Meditation, July 12th: Multiple styles to support your Centered Self with “yoga-on-the-go”. For diverse situations (not just seated).




$120 ($160 with 8 CEUs)

Individual Classes:

$35 each ($45 with 2 CEUs)