Let's go deeper

Decadent Wellness is expanding to help grow your own teaching & practice. Emrys offers private mentoring for students & yoga teachers interested in Continuing Education Credit through Yoga Alliance


Customized Mentoring

Our yoga mentoring is completely customized to each mentee. Create a program for your next places of growth by discussing your goals and interests with Emrys.  Expand your practice and teaching in these special individual sessions or join us for one of our group workshops (listed below).

Contact Emrys for details!



Summer Intensive Workshops - Luxuriate in a longer format with focused theory & practice.

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm. June 21st - July 12th.

4 Opportunities to Deepen Your Practice:

Hips, June 21st:

           So many directions to go in! Start with lubrication of the joint & then move bigger with the new freedom we’ve created.

Shoulders, June 28th:

          Savor the space formerly occupied by stress! We’re removing stuck stuff to get to more open (& stable) practice.

Spinal Freedom, July 5th:

         Integrating lower, middle, and upper areas for smooth strength & energy through your central channel.

Meditation, July 12th:

        Multiple styles to support your Centered Self with “yoga-on-the-go”. For diverse situations (not just seated).

2 Continuing Education Credits are available for each class. 


Series: $120 ($160 with 8 CEUs)

Individual Classes: $35 each ($45 with 2 CEUs)