My concept of Decadent Wellness arose out of the connection I see between the ability to savor our lives and the ability to feel well. There is a strong link between health and wellness, but they are not the same. When we address both our wellness and our health needs with a nourishing approach, we thrive.

I have spent the past twenty-seven years studying yoga, local food, and wellness practices in New England, California, Hawaii, France, Mexico, and India. I am passionate about the whole experience of our relationships with ourselves and our food, how we experience being in our bodies, and how we can feel truly well.

As a chef and as a counselor I believe in building the experience of food beyond its flavors and ingredients, and certainly far beyond measurements of fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

As a yoga teacher I believe in exploring how we can be more in-tune with ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, and how that may also deepen our awareness and make us more spiritually present. I'm also devoted to attention to physical alignment... keeping our bodies safe to practice throughout long lives.

My counseling invites you to take a deeper look at the obstacles to your own Decadent Wellness and start to transform them. Through deep listening and dynamic attention to detail, I will help you identify the most important places to focus your efforts and then guide you through new ways of thinking to achieve your desired results. My solution-oriented, caring method offers techniques and expertise relevant to your challenges, while also giving you confidence to keep finding your own solutions.

My cooking classes—which feature delicious, innovative recipes—deepen your understanding of how to use ingredients creatively for optimal health, energy, and flavor, and include discussion of how to combine foods to best support your digestive wellness.

Yoga asana practice with me prepares your mind, body and spirit to assimilate new ideas, take action to rejuvenate your health and vitality, and awaken your intuition through invigoration, restoration, and engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system.