“Emrys Tetu is one of those people who exude good health and radiance. Flawless skin, clear eyes, taut yoga body. She's a certified health counselor, holds healthy cooking classes at the Shoreline's newest cooking school, The Upstairs Kitchen, and teaches yoga at Riverdog and Saybrook Point Inn. In May, she's running a workshop at Kripalu: Longevity and Optimal Health, Lessons in Creating Your Best Day Ever. And, frankly, she could easily be the sort I'd find extremely annoying (too perfect!) but she's an absolute pleasure. People refer to what she's got as "great energy." They used to call it charisma! Emrys is up to some interesting stuff…”-Erica Tannen, The E-List, January 11, 2012

"One thing for certain: When you begin to think the way Emrys thinks, you see the grocery-store aisles in a different way." Lary Bloom's Notebook, Connecticut Magazine, June 2007 Written after he experienced my Great Kitchen Cleanout.

"Thanks for coming in to teach about healthy life tips. My mind is blown. In awe." Harrison

"Had a wonderful time at Emrys Tetu's wellness workshop today. So many things I needed to hear. Take a class with her if you can!" D. Adams

“Thank you from my whole family. We've been eating well since the cleanse and feeling incredible! My husband and I have both lost the extra weight we were hoping to lose AND we're sleeping better, with much more energy throughout the day." Dave and Alli Behnke

"After I met Emrys as a health and wellness counselor and yoga teacher, I was drawn to see how else this spirited woman could express herself creatively in the kitchen, arguably the place where wellness can begin and end. 

"I find the inner wisdom from which she teaches fresh and youthful, yet soulfully sound. Through her commitment and studies, she is able to relay an organically grown integration of the art and science of nutrition that is delightfully infectious. She has a way of gently inspiring and guiding you to where you know you need to go.

"I felt inspired to eat more healthfully.  

"The truth is I've never met anyone quite like Emrys, and I think she deserves a wide audience comprised of anyone open to experiencing alignment of purpose and decadent wellness. Oh, and the meal, I am not exaggerating when I say it was the most delicious healthy creative food I ever ate. Hands down." Debra L. Lazrove

"I refer people to Wellness with Food because it offers an investment in long term health. Emrys Tetu is an experienced, well trained professional who listens and gives you personally relevant tools that interrupt self-destructive patterns. Wellness with Food offers clients the "juice" to make the changes that are ready to happen." Shaun English Custom Yoga

"Emrys Tetu has been my guide on an incredible journey of self discovery. She has inspired me with her wisdom and comforted me with her empathy. Knowing she is just a phone call away has made me brave enough to be bold!" Gerri Kairis HHC and Artist

"I have worked with Emrys Tetu for several years now. She has coached me through many of my recent life changes, and I consider her to be my faithful ”Guide on the Side.” Each session is tailored to my current needs, which makes each session truly unique and immediately useful. Emrys’s informed and innovative approach to nutrition, healing, and life coaching has been a constant source of inspiration to me. Her collected words of wisdom, guidance, and nurturing forever echo in my mind." Lissa Aguila Dohl

"I was desperate. My allergies had taken on a life of their own and they were in control. I was on a number of medications, in and out of the emergency room every few months, and generally feeling pretty lousy. I recognized that I needed to make some changes, but I was ill equipped. With Emrys’s help, I have been able to implement specific dietary and lifestyle changes that not only have me feeling better, but also making informed decisions about food and the role it plays in my life. Change is hard and I appreciate her recognizing and supporting the speed and level at which I can make these changes. I think everyone should have an Emrys in their life!" Caitlin Calder

"What a gift it has been to work with Emrys!  She has impacted my life in more ways than I ever thought were possible.  She has a wonderful sense of humor, an amazing ability to be genuine and compassionate and no matter how I step into sessions, I walk away feeling confident, supported, understood and valued as a person.

"When we began working together I was struggling with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroid.  With her support, I stopped dairy, I began regularly experimenting eating RAW and incorporated daily yoga and nurturing rituals in my life. It was her encouragement to take care of myself that made me finally slow down enough to listen to what my body, mind and soul needed to be healthy.

"Emrys challenges me with love and support, encouraging me to pursue and capture whatever it is that I am searching for in my life, my career and my health.  She has held me accountable to my goals, keeps me on track and always believes in me…even when I don’t. 

"Emrys is a blessing for which I am truly grateful and always reminds me that there are no mistakes, that every step on my journey is one that holds a lesson and that the fun is figuring out what it is." Carin Klinger-Margies

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