Let's go deeper - Continuing Education

for teachers & adventurous students

Decadent Wellness helps you grow your own teaching & practice. As an E-RYT 500, Emrys offers private mentoring & events for students & yoga teachers interested in Continuing Education Credit through Yoga Alliance



Year-Long Yoga Intensive Series

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We have sold out of spots for the Year-Long Continuing Education Series. If you’re looking for more opportunities to support your practice, explore new ways to feel great, or even just to Have Fun, join the Decadent Wellness Insider Report & follow us on Facebook to hear about New & Upcoming events.

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What if you could make a good habit easy to keep? Each month from September to May, we’ll be deep-diving into a new focus. Explore body, mind, & integration techniques, with each class designed with many options to help you find *your* magic feel-better move.

Commit to a good year.

Hips - September 11

So many directions to go in! Start with lubrication of the joint & then move bigger with the new freedom we’ve created. 

Shoulders - October 9

Savor the space formerly occupied by stress! We’re removing stuck stuff to get to more open (& stable) practice. 

Neck - November 13

Ever have a real pain in the neck? Wake up with a crick? Or maybe you just know you’re looking down too much (either at a phone, paperwork, or cutting board)... let’s soothe & stretch & release that neck!

Meditation - December 11

Settling and soothing your whole self is an important aspect of self care. If you have ever thought about meditating and not known what to do, I feel you. This is for those times. Explore guided meditations, unconventional meditation styles and how to create your own mind wind-down techniques.

January - No Class - Happy New Year! 

Spine - February 12

Integrate lower, middle, and upper areas for smooth strength & energy through your central channel. 

Abs - March 11

Understand the internal anatomy that keeps everything together, from making you tall to helping you balance. Discover your one daily go-to core exercise… a practice customized to your body and needs.

Back Care - April 8

Few of us *never* feel our backs creak, crack, or stiffen. Learn the basics of your complex spinal system & deepen your understanding of preventing & minimizing back pain. Practice techniques to strengthen, stretch, & alleviate basic back pains. Create your “Happy Back” routine.

Whole Body Posture - May 13

Move through the world with a little more ease, grace, & height. Tie together months of study in this grand finale to our 2019-20 CE series. Feel confident to walk off your mat with all the alignment cues from our classes integrated into your daily form.


Early Bird Pricing: $275

After September 4th: $325


Red Barn Yoga

52 Blood St, Lyme CT

Second Wednesday of every month, 6:30-8:30 pm.




Customized Mentoring

Our yoga mentoring is completely customized to each mentee. Create a program for your next places of growth by discussing your goals and interests with Emrys.  Expand your practice and teaching in these special individual sessions or join us for one of our group workshops.

Contact Emrys for details!